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Providing Excellence For Over 15 Years

Why Choose TEAM 1ST

Autonomous Robot Services

Deploying a full Eco-System of Cutting-Edge Robots to Automate and Enhance your Strategic Technology Goals.

Audio Visual Integration

Providing Seamless Integration of all your Visual, Auditory, Interactive and Collaborative Technologies.

Security Integration

Revolutionizing the Security Industry with flexibility and scalability as well as new technologies including Robotics to your Security needs by providing Security Solutions of the Future to use Today.

Unified Communication

Unified communications (UC) is an umbrella term for the integration of multiple enterprise communication tools. We provide Integration of Enterprise Level UC for your use in large, medium, and small Businesses and Organizations.

TEAM 1ST's 15-Year Legacy in Technology Excellence

TEAM 1ST is a seasoned and reliable choice for our various technology solution offerings. Our extensive experience of over 15 years shows a deep understanding of the Technology industry. Offering a consultative approach in design, integration, installation, and project management indicates our commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client and their opportunity for us to provide the solution for their need. Our diverse range of solutions—from Audio Visual to Robotics, Unified Communications, and Security—demonstrates versatility, catering to a wide spectrum of needs in both Fortune, and commercial Business and Organizations settings. Our long-standing presence in the technology industry not only reflects stability but also shows a strong track record and a wealth of knowledge. We fully adapted to technological advancements and market changes over time, enabling us to offer cutting-edge, innovative solutions to our clients. All of our cutting edge solution are fully vetted and tested before we offer them. We ensure success with cutting edge technology. The specific aspects of our services sets us apart from our peers in the technology industry. Our personalized approach, and particular technology or service offering, and our exceptional customer service will keep our existing customers and new customers coming back to see and implement the next new technologies with confidence.


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