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TEAM 1ST RaaS Subscription Services

TEAM 1ST Technologies LLC

TEAM 1ST RaaS Subscription Services program

TEAM 1ST RaaS Subscription Services program lets you scale as your needs change. Up or down. The TEAM 1ST, Robot as a Service (RaaS) is a smart, innovative, subscription-based program that makes it easy to add powerful autonomous mobile robotics to your operations. TEAM 1ST RaaS lets you shift capital expenses for automation to operational or labor expenses. The minimal initial investment means a simpler budget approval process and dramatically shortens your time to ROI from years to months. Flexibility to seamlessly scale as your needs grow. The TEAM 1ST RaaS program reduces the typical operational costs and technology barriers usually associated with conventional, capital-intensive automation solutions that often can take years to deploy. There are no hidden capital-intensive expenses or expensive maintenance contracts. You’ll always have the latest software updates and hardware. And, you’ll be fully supported by our world-class operations support team that will make sure everything is always running smoothly 24/7/365. Your partner gives you access to and makes it easy to procure a full robotics ecosystem including Autonomous, Security, Delivery, Material Handling, Disinfecting, and Commercial Vacuuming Robots. The Future is Here today. From the very beginning, we’re focused on finding ways to optimize your operations with Mobile Robot Automation Services. Whether it’s identifying land and facilities infrastructure enhancements, helping manage security optimization and automating delivery, optimizing bot operations, and more, we free you to do what you do best: deliver for your business, organization, and customers.
Creative Approach

Fully Autonomous Robotics

Powered by Artificial Intelligence as proactive surveillance systems that operate independently on their own using real-time obstacle avoidance face recognition and other cutting-edge technological advancements.

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    Andy & Randy have worked very hard at putting together the HUGE value and cost savings that are truly needed today when deploying our Security Robot.

    Andy Sanchez

    Lead Robotics Channel Partner and Client Manager At TEAM 1ST Technologies

    Come on down to Booth 311 and come see what affordable modern security technology looks like.

    Dylon Rodriguez

    Head of Robotics At TEAM 1ST Technologies

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I look forward to knowing each one of you and at the same time contributing to the group in all my abilities.

    Randy Deitrick

    Eastern Channel and Client Manager At TEAM 1ST Technologies

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