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Physical Security Integration

Meerkat Asset, Student, and Personnel Location Tracking

Provide real-time asset and personnel tracking solutions for an ever-changing, digital landscape. With thousands of hours of research and field testing, Meerkat is poised to become one of the leading providers of RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) and RTS (Real Time Sensors) solutions across a wide variety of applications.

AI Machine Learning for Proactive Responses

Meerkat Technologies provides wholistic safety solutions that utilize an innovative combination of software, hardware, and integration into your existing systems, to ensure your organization has clear visibility of all people, areas, and assets in real-time.

Physical Security
Integrate AV and Security Systems for improved safety and response

Monitor cameras, access control, environmental controls, lighting, alarm systems, tracking systems and more from a single dashboard customized to each setting. These solutions allow for more productive and efficient monitoring by security/safety personnel from anywhere, at anytime.

Team 1st AI Remote Monitoring and Emergency Dispatch

Enable Remote Monitoring and effective Dispatch with actionable intelligence.


Specializing in tracking of assets in real-time on a 3D map of a facility. Our customized mapping solutions make it very easy to deploy a user-friendly map of a facility and plot important alerts on it.

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TEAM 1ST offers a white-glove Physical Security Solutions that fit any industry. Learn more about what we can do for your industry.

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To succeed, every software solution must be deeply integrated into the existing tech environment...

Physical Security
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Your Partner for
Automated Security

TEAM 1ST makes Automatic Security simple and painless.  We design solutions to fit your specific needs, deploy, service and maintain your system.   You reap the benefits!

We can help you to replace or augment your security needs.  Modernize your security like you’ve modernized the rest of your business!

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Physical Security

Business Industries
What We Serve

Information Technology
Retail & Distribution
Power stations
Private facilities
Underground Gas Storage Facilities
Chemical Plants
Oil & Gas Facilities
Correctional Facilities
Large Manufacturing Facilities
Shipyards (Perimeter Protection)
Warehouses (Outside the Perimeter)
Gardens (Security + Birds Control)
Water Supply Areas
Stations and Reservoirs
Companies’ Installations
Hazardous Facilities: (Perimeter Protection)
Government Facilities
Border Patrol
Golf Clubs
Stadiums and Sports Facilities
Corporate Campuses
University Campuses
Pipelines (Oil & Gas)
Gated Communities
Parking Lots, Dealerships, Car Lots
Solar Farms, Power Plants
Beach Patrol
Beach Patrol