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Extended Reality

Teacher Training

Utilize the most effective interactive tools to train educators.

Astronomy Center

Astronomy comes alive for education, entertainment and deep scientific endeavors.

Biology Lab

Biology and Medicine produce better results utilizing Extended Reality. Training, Education and Medical Care.

Library of Lessons

Intelligent Surveillance System with Threat Recognition

Extended Reality
Curate Lessons and Spaces

Intelligent Surveillance System with Threat Recognition

History Hall

History becomes real when viewed through Extended Reality.

Art Gallery

Art is meant to be an immersive experience. Extended Reality is the next best thing to being with the Art (and in many cases provides a deeper experience than you can achieve in person).

Math Lab

Visualizing Math can be a powerful step to understanding and solutions.


We engineer the best Extended Reality solutions for your needs and application.

White Glove

TEAM 1ST offers a white-glove Extended Reality. See how full solutions Extended Reality can transform your industry.

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To succeed, every software solution must be deeply integrated into the existing tech environment...

Extended Reality
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Extended Reality

TEAM 1ST makes Extended Reality simple and painless.  We design solutions to fit your specific needs, deploy, service and maintain your system.   You reap the benefits!

Modernize your interactivity like you’ve modernized the rest of your business!

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Extended Reality

Business Industries
What We Serve

Information Technology
Retail & Distribution
Power stations
Private facilities
Underground Gas Storage Facilities
Chemical Plants
Oil & Gas Facilities
Correctional Facilities
Large Manufacturing Facilities
Shipyards (Perimeter Protection)
Warehouses (Outside the Perimeter)
Gardens (Security + Birds Control)
Water Supply Areas
Stations and Reservoirs
Companies’ Installations
Hazardous Facilities: (Perimeter Protection)
Government Facilities
Border Patrol
Golf Clubs
Stadiums and Sports Facilities
Corporate Campuses
University Campuses
Pipelines (Oil & Gas)
Gated Communities
Parking Lots, Dealerships, Car Lots
Solar Farms, Power Plants
Beach Patrol
Beach Patrol