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Robotics as a Service

Proactive Surveillance Solution

Robots are designed to optimize multi-level perimeter coverage with other security systems, effectively manage battery consumption, and exchange data on any out-of-pattern activity, as well as any perimeter intrusions and trespassing.

Optimal Outdoor Performance

Developed as full outdoor security robots. The robots are all-weather, all-surface, smart security turn-key and work at any time of the day or night, in any weather condition, at any time of the year, on any road surface, and without it.

Multi-Integration Platform

Built to be integrated with major most popular security systems like Visual Management System, Alarm Systems, Messengers, and Voice communicators.

Autonomous Security
Fully Autonomous Robotics

Powered by Artificial Intelligence as proactive surveillance systems that operate independently on their own using real-time obstacle avoidance face recognition and other cutting-edge technological advancements.

Group Patrolling

Made to work in teams of up to 30 robots in one team in a swarm mode. Robots memorize routes, interact with each other, keep the necessary distance, and transmit and exchange information with each other.


High Cross-Application Capability Easy Integration 100% Compliant of ONVIF Standards

White Glove

TEAM 1ST offers a white-glove RaaS (Robotics as a Service) that fits any industry. Learn more about what we can do for your industry.

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Autonomous Security
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Automated Security

Team 1ST Technologies uses robotics and AI technology to implement autonomous security solutions, which reduce liability and overhead and improve service quality. The robots can patrol 24/7, counteracting intrusion and communicating via voice message with guards. The inspection robots powered by SMP Robotics are easily integrated with many existing security technologies, armed with obstacle avoidance and anti-collision measures, and automatically recharge. They can recognize faces up to 50 meters. As the world grows increasingly complex, technology like this is essential to ensure safety for all.

The advancements in technological breakthroughs position Team 1ST Technologies and its AI-powered, autonomous video monitoring ground vehicles to be the most adaptable to any industry and cost-effective for clients’ business needs in providing various types of public safety services, crime prevention asset protection, and physical security. 

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Information Technology
Retail & Distribution
Power stations
Private facilities
Underground Gas Storage Facilities
Chemical Plants
Oil & Gas Facilities
Correctional Facilities
Large Manufacturing Facilities
Shipyards (Perimeter Protection)
Warehouses (Outside the Perimeter)
Gardens (Security + Birds Control)
Water Supply Areas
Stations and Reservoirs
Companies’ Installations
Hazardous Facilities: (Perimeter Protection)
Government Facilities
Border Patrol
Golf Clubs
Stadiums and Sports Facilities
Corporate Campuses
University Campuses
Pipelines (Oil & Gas)
Gated Communities
Parking Lots, Dealerships, Car Lots
Solar Farms, Power Plants
Beach Patrol
Beach Patrol