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The HoverCam Pilot carries the most essential teaching tools, all in one device. Annotate and write directly to the board without having to turn your back to your students. Pilot accepts input from Mac, PC, iPads, tablets, and any mobile device! Setup is easy and maintenance is a breeze and all Pilot consoles may be managed from a central location.

Solo 8Plus

The Solo 8Plus captures every detail with 13 Megapixels. Easy to use. Single USB Cable. No power adapters, no loop through cable required. Use with Google Hangouts, Skype and Zoom conferencing for distance.  Picture-in-Picture Lesson Recording with Annotations ensures every student has the best seat in the class, as they see you presenting the lesson with all your annotations. 

Ultra 8

Super charged HDMI meets SuperSpeed USB 3.0. The Ultra 8 does everything except travel through time. Enjoy using the camera the same way you use a computer – with a mouse. Record video or scan straight to your PC or Mac. Experience 4 x the clarity of a 1080p HDTV for truly captivating lag-free video. Record no-lag HD video directly to your computer’s hard drive over USB.

Nillo 100

The world’s first true smart document camera! With built-in Android OS and a 13 MP autofocus lens, the intelligence of a computer is in one compact camera.

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