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Introducing TEAM 1ST Technologies, a pioneering robotics innovation company based in New Mexico

"The fourth generation of AI is 'artificial intuition,' which enables computers to identify threats and opportunities without being told what to look for."
– TheNextWeb

We offer security and industrial robots powered by SMP Robotics, a leading startup in outdoor security solutions. Our Co-Founder, David Dworsky, prioritizes vision and values, driving the company to deliver cutting-edge solutions without compromising on quality.

We invite potential partners to join us in our mission to provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective protection for businesses and communities nationwide.

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Team 1st security robots photos

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Team of experts and our mission

Our team of experts leverages the latest technology to provide innovative solutions that meet the growing demand for security. We have a strong reputation for delivering quality products and services, attracting investors’ attention, and seeking new and innovative ways to grow their portfolios. We are poised for significant growth in the coming years.

  • Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative and efficient security solutions that are effective and affordable.
  •  Our dedicated research and development team constantly seeks new and better ways to deliver state-of-the-art security technology.  
  • Our commitment to our customers and innovation has earned us a reputation as a trusted leader in the field of robotics, virtual and extended reality, and other cutting-edge technologies.


// Team 1st investments

Help us grow and expand our business

We welcome new investment opportunities to help us grow and expand our business. If you’re looking for a dynamic and innovative investment opportunity, we encourage you to consider TEAM 1ST Technologies.

Investor Relations

Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have and provide you with more information about our company and its growth potential.


Business Industries
What We Serve

Information Technology
Retail & Distribution
Power stations
Private facilities
Underground Gas Storage Facilities
Chemical Plants
Oil & Gas Facilities
Correctional Facilities
Large Manufacturing Facilities
Shipyards (Perimeter Protection)
Warehouses (Outside the Perimeter)
Gardens (Security + Birds Control)
Water Supply Areas
Stations and Reservoirs
Companies’ Installations
Hazardous Facilities: (Perimeter Protection)
Government Facilities
Border Patrol
Golf Clubs
Stadiums and Sports Facilities
Corporate Campuses
University Campuses
Pipelines (Oil & Gas)
Gated Communities
Parking Lots, Dealerships, Car Lots
Solar Farms, Power Plants
Beach Patrol