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Providing Excellence For Over 15 Years

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Autonomous Security Robots

Intelligent Surveillance System with Threat Recognition, Implementing cutting-edge robotics to automate your systems strategically.

Autonomous Robot ECO-System and Services

Intelligent Surveillance, Delivery, Vacuuming, Transporting, and Disinfecting Robot Systems and Services, using Robotics to automate and enhance ROI.

Audio Visual Integration

Seamless Integration of all your Visual, Auditory, Interactive and Collaborative Technologies.

Security Integration

Revolutionizing the Security Industry with Flexibility and Scalability as well as designing and implementing new Solutions for your Security needs

Unified Communication

Unified Communications (UC) is an umbrella term for the Integration of Multiple Enterprise Communication Tools. We Provide the Integration for Enterprise Level UC for Small, Medium and Large Business and Organizations.
our portfolio

Become an Innovator

TEAM 1ST Technologies is always looking for new ways to implement our technology to innovate and enhance our partners organizations and transform the technology as we know it. If you are an organization that would like to experience the cutting edge of technology solutions offered by TEAM 1ST, click here to contact us. Come with us on an exciting journey as we explore the emerging new world of technology. Let’s get started on this journey together.

Security Never Sleeps With Autonomous Security Robots

TEAM 1ST is proud to bring you the latest in security robotics technology. We combine advanced AI systems, motion sensors, and real-time video monitoring to provide a robust security solution that is reliable and effective. Our robots are designed for maximum efficiency and can even be programmed to respond to potential intruders with audio warnings or robotic movements. These robots can also act as autonomous guards, patrolling the premises and providing valuable surveillance solutions without requiring human intervention.

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Pioneering a Brighter Future

Our mission is to combine our innovative technologies with the creative genius of our team to create a better future for all. Our vision is a society wherein people are more connected to the world through breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, cities operate smarter, and technology genuinely enhances everyday lives. At TEAM 1ST, we strive to make technology work for us instead of against us. We believe in the power of collaboration and creativity to drive change and progress.

Tech Propelling Us Into a Brighter Future

Our modus operandi is taking the future into our own hands. Through cutting-edge technologies, TEAM 1ST strives to positively guide the world.

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    Go Beyond VR Autonomous Vacuuming Robot (XR)

    TEAM 1ST is at the forefront of Autonomous Vacuuming Robot technology. We strive to create a virtual and augmented reality experience that positively impacts your life, work, and entertainment. The scope of applications for our XR technology is practically infinite. Our Autonomous Vacuuming Robot solutions are designed to help you stay connected with the world, regardless of your location or environment. From virtual tours to interactive learning experiences, our team can provide an immersive experience that you won’t forget. TEAM 1ST is dedicated to bringing you the best in Autonomous Vacuuming Robot tech. We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve our products. With our Autonomous Vacuuming Robot solutions, your world becomes an interactive playground full of possibilities. TEAM 1ST utilizes real-time asset and personnel location tracking system powered by RFID tags, GPS, and motion sensors to track any object and monitor any area in a 3D virtual environment.

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    Empowering The Future With Innovative Technology Solutions

    Technology Solutions

    Audio Visual Integration

    Robotics Integration

    Security Integration

    Unified Communications

    Unveiling TEAM 1ST Material Handling Robots

    Our team is excited to bring you the latest and greatest in automation technology. From wheeled carts to state-of-the-art material handling robots, our solutions are designed with efficiency and power in mind. Our robots provide maximum control and flexibility when it comes to moving materials quickly and safely. With advanced features such as collision avoidance sensors, real-time data tracking, and intuitive programming capabilities, the possibilities are endless. The future of material handling is here, and it’s TEAM 1ST Technologies that leads the way. Come explore our cutting-edge solutions today.

    Ask About Audio Visual Integration

    Connecting the World With Truly Unified Communications

    TEAM 1ST Technologies is proud to bring you truly unified communications solutions that are revolutionizing how the world connects. We take an all-encompassing approach to unified communications through a range of solutions:
  • Business Voice and Data
  • International Call Delivery
  • Intelligent Surveillance Systems with Threat Recognition
  • SIP Trunking
  • Virtual PBX and UCC
  • Video Conferencing
  • IP Fax Solutions
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Unlimited Calling Plans
  • Our unified communications solutions are designed to help businesses maximize their efficiency, reduce their costs, and provide enhanced customer service. With TEAM 1ST unified communication systems, you can stay connected with your clients and team no matter where they are in the world.

    Providing Excellence For Over 15 Years

    Execution is job one.

    We stand behind our Solutions.

    We Impact Your Organization.


    Andy & Randy have worked very hard at putting together the HUGE value and cost savings that are truly needed today when deploying our Security Robot.

    Andy Sanchez

    Lead Robotics Channel Partner and Client Manager At TEAM 1ST Technologies

    Come on down to Booth 311 and come see what affordable modern security technology looks like.

    Dylon Rodriguez

    Head of Robotics At TEAM 1ST Technologies

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I look forward to knowing each one of you and at the same time contributing to the group in all my abilities.

    Randy Deitrick

    Eastern Channel and Client Manager At TEAM 1ST Technologies

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